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Answers to the most frequently asked questions on Spigo

Our customers often have the same questions, which is why we have gathered the most frequently asked questions here. You might find your answer here, if not, you are always most welcome to write to our customer service.

What are Spigos?
I cannot remember my username or password?
Is it legal to win money at Spigo?
What is a Gold Profile?
How do I withdraw the money, if I win?
Do I have to pay taxes from my winnings?
How do I play a game in full screen mode?
Why can't I login to my Spigo account?
What should I do if I find an error on Spigo?
How can I make a screenshot?
Why am I being penalized when I'm not responsible for leaving the game?
How is rating allocated in multiplayer games?
When do you get new scratch cards for the scratch games?
How can I cancel my running subscription?
How do I buy products from the Spigo shop using my Spigos?
What is seniority?
How do I pay with my Spigo account?
What is a game jackpot?